Thursday, August 10, 2006



Well, I am happy to say that I finally found a place to buy tahini. You may think it is a trivial thing but apparently not. You forget these things when hummus is so readily available in the supermarkets that you don't even consider making your own! It has been six months since I arrived in Porto, and obviously my palate was so used to hummus intake on a regular basis, that I suffered from withdrawal syndrome. I did foresee this would be a problem therefore I brought a tahini jar with me which has already finished. 2 months ago I went to a moroccan restaurant that did not have hummus. Hum, that was strange...I was even more puzzled when they brought pitta bread with tuna dip...but the tagine was good!! Anyway, I haven't searched every single shop in Porto but tahini is definitely not easy to come by. Fortunately, I found a place that sells it so I can make my own hummus soon!

Hope you're all well!!

son xxx

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Porto Calling

Dear Friends,
As you know I am leaving London and moving back to Porto soon. You are all welcome to visit me at any time and fortunately some of you are going to Porto in the very near future!! I would like to keep in touch but I know sometimes it gets difficult to write emails regularly, so if you don't fancy writing a lot but would like to say hello or just drop a line, you can visit me here! I hope to kee you updated of my whereabouts and just be in touch with with you. I hope to be back soon!!
Hugs and kisses for all!!


Friday, February 17, 2006


Mapping the Mind

"Mapping the Mind" by Rita Carter is my latest buy! I highly reccomend you reading it if you have an interest in neuroscience. Don't be put off by being a science book! This is not a textbook, it is written in very simple language and it is really engaging. Anyway, I am loving it!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Sufjan Stevens

I've bought this album a few weeks ago!! It is quite cool!! A bit different from other things I have been listening to. It has got the longest track names I have ever seen. They've got a couple of albums but I have to say I have never listened to their previous stuff.
Needless to say you can listen to them at kexp!!

I have bought tickets to see them next week at the King's College Union. It is going to be a busy week on the gig front. I will also see dEUS and Sigur Ros!! Can't wait!!

I'll keep you posted!


Thursday, October 20, 2005


The Kills

Hello girls and boys!!

I am going to see the Kills tonight at the Forum, in Kentish Town. To be honest I haven't listened to their albums properly but we'll see, it might be a good surprise. I'll let you know how the gig was!!

They've got 2 albums so far, 'Keep on Your Mean Side' and 'No Wow'.

I'll keep you posted!!!

Kexp quoted:
"London-based duo The Kills visit KEXP for primal set of speaker-exploding rock. Chunky, feedback-drenched electric guitar hits beat time to a drum machine as this romantic duo ride the tension with sexy, male-female pop vocals.-M. Myers"

Saturday, October 15, 2005



Esta e uma das minhas aquisicoes musicais mais recentes!! O album chama-se 'Sunlight makes me paranoid'

Vale a pena!! Da para ouvir extractos do album na Amazon. O link e o seguinte:


Monday, October 03, 2005



Uma aquisicao bastante recente!! A nao perder este ultimo album dos Sigur Ros!!

Use the following link to download loads of Sigur Ros' tracks!! ""

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